How to Prepare for a Legal Event

In law practices, all professionals must attend conferences for many different reasons. Legal conferences are of great worth to the law community. They are a place to meet people in particular areas of practice, become aware of the thought leaders in various specialties, connect with current clients and meet potential clients. In conference preparation it is easy to be caught up in other priorities especially in such a field that requires a lot of attention. There are some ideas to allow law professionals to prepare for the next law conference.

At a seminar, there will be plenty of individuals who will deliver their elevator pitch routinely to everyone they meet. Don’t be one of them. Recognize that connecting with other professionals does not need to be a robotic experience.  As opposed to the elevator pitch, lead with questions or inquiries about the individual. It can be straightforward starters as “How are you?” Beginning a conversation with a question first allows you to connect and find a commonality with individuals. It is likely you will get the attendee list in advance. Make sure to review the file and mark the professionals you want to speak with in order to maximize your time at the conference. Collect business cards from people you come in contact with at the event. Write down all your next steps and get those emails out in 24 hours following the end of conference. Remember that conference attendance does not need to feel like an obligation, rather like an opportunity to further your career.