Lessons Young Lawyers Can Learn from Legal Conferences

The biggest takeaway from conferences is quality networking which is one of the most important parts of any professional field. The act of networking allows you to expand the number of people who can advise and impact your legal career. The idea of a conference is to go and learn something new, however, the real learning comes when you sit down and start to network with colleagues afterward to debrief. Networking is not always about getting a job. It is about building relationships and forming connections that will last.

Do not fear the future, embrace it. The future of the legal profession is not all negative. The legal field is popular with many to choose to pursue, but lawyers will not be replaced with artificial intelligent robots. The future of the legal profession lies with the young professional who can make an impact. Part of the future for the legal community is the advancement of technology. It is important to understand where the industry is headed and realize tech-savvy lawyers are going to come out ahead.

Conferences can be fun and educational when you go in with an open mind. CLE credits are important for lawyers to obtain throughout their legal careers. There are some events where CLE eligible seminars are not the most enjoyable and it can be hard to stay engaged. The attitude you enter any conference with is key. Remember to take advantage of the situation you are in. If you can stay engaged and interact with the speaker, then you are more likely to profit from the overall experience.