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Welcome to Legal Events, a platform dedicated to helping lawyers fulfill their legal calling through our provision of listing services for all law conferences and events in the United States.

Lawyers, paralegals and other members of the legal community can access our website and use our services to find law conferences, law events, legal conferences, trial summits, law firm events, lawyer seminars and bar association events across the United States. We also encourage users to post their own law events for others to find.

We understand that law is not a profession to be practiced in isolation, knowing fully well the importance of participating in law events. Legal Events allow practitioners of law to get the invaluable opportunity to learn from and possibly converse in person with those who are regarded as knowledgeable in their chosen areas of practice, as well as provides them with the equally invaluable opportunity to gain cutting edge knowledge in the ever-evolving world of the law profession.

Sell Tickets to your Event

Legal Events will handle the ticketing logistics for your events that will bring simplicity and uniformity to your event. We will provide technology that will improve attendee experience through QR code check-ins to easy signups.

Host Your Live Webinar

Legal Events will manage every aspect of the live webinar. This will include the initial set-up, help administrate during the event, and extensively market the webinar.

Archive your Webinar

This will allow you to reach more individuals over a longer time period. This package basically turns your Live webinar into a On-Demand Webinar after it is finished.

Host your On-Demand Webinar

Host your On-Demand Webinar on Legal events. We will also provide marketing for your webinars across multiple platforms that include a weekly newsletter, target associations, and related audiences.

We are here to help you build your practice, your client base, your referral base, and ultimately your bottom line. Let’s get started, shall we?

Sell Tickets to You Event

Starting At
$ 299
By Quote Only
  • Ticketing Logistics
  • QR code tickets
  • Easy Sign Ups
  • Super Targeting Marketing

Live Webinar

Starting At
$ 149
One Time + $5.00/seat
  • Initial Webinar Setup
  • Administrate During the Event
  • 2 Weekly Newsletters
  • Target Legal Associations
  • Related Audiences
  • Ad packages, more newsletters, social media

On-Demand Webinars

Starting At
$ 99
Yearly + 25%/purchase
  • Video Hosting
  • 1 Weekly Newsletter
  • Target Legal Associations
  • Related Audiences
  • Ad packages, more newsletters, social media

Legal Events also provides practitioners with the opportunity to scout speaking opportunities for themselves.


     The many opportunities of law conferences and events, if properly taken advantage of, can lead to referred business, employment opportunities, mentorship, a bigger clientele base, as well as credential-building opportunities such as teaching, writing and speaking engagements. It is these advantages that we hope that Legal Events will offer those who choose to use our services.


      Our service is designed to be a fully interactive one, as we not only allow users to post their events, but also to write and view reviews about events. Speakers also have the opportunity to upload their bio and contact information so that they can be contacted for potential speaking engagements.


      What more, we have a monthly newsletter that we send to attorneys, legal vendors and businesses in the United States. Lawyers who have in the past been privileged to be featured in editions of our newsletter can testify as to how it has drummed up new clients for them.


      We hope to do the same for you when you enroll to use our services, no matter your area of specialization in the legal profession.