Why you should host webinars.

As a lawyer or law firm it is necessary to expand your reach and to stay current with everything that is going on in the legal community. It is also important to continuously update your marketing efforts which can be achieved through delivering information online. This offers tremendous benefits and is easy to maintain especially when dealing with a very busy firm. Webinars have gained popularity throughout the last few years. They give the user instant and convenient access to valuable tools and information. We have entered the era of technology and in order to continue to grow as a community we must all learn to embrace it. Here are 4 reasons why you should offer legal webinars.

1. Connect with your Target Audience. The intended audience is completely up to you. This could just include existing clients, or it could expand to potential clients or referral sources. Webinars is a very convenient tool when it comes to connecting and engaging your target audience. Webinars allow you to remind existing clients that you are still available and staying current with the latest trends. When it comes to potential clients, you are showing that you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with others.
2. Gain a Competitive edge. When you offer webinars, you are demonstrating a high level of service to your clients. Webinars are like an extension of your benefits to clients or your network. The legal industry is always evolving and becoming more complex, so when you offer insights to a particular topic it will always be appreciated. The option of webinars could increase client loyalty and credibility.
3. Become the Authority. Webinars are platforms to help you become the authority on a topic or subject. If you practice family law and you give a monthly webinar on recent news relating to divorce law, then you are building credibility with clients. When you are constantly associating yourself with a subject, you will slowly become an authority figure especially with potential clients. Your content education develops and further establishes you, which can result in more inquiries and business.
4. Save Time and Make People Happy. Webinars don’t have to embody a format. They can provide an open forum legal Q&A session. This could save you hours of time in meetings or conference calls answering the same questions for different people or clients. If you gather people to tune into a webinar that are interested in similar topics, you could simultaneously answer multiple questions. It may even lead to more clients and new business.